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    Support Policy

    Trailblaze is a small team, and our resources are dedicated to maintaining the theme for all of our merchants. With that in mind, we can't help customize your theme or tweak the style/structure. Broadly, our support policy is below.

    Our support includes:

    • Bug fixes
    • Questions regarding theme settings/features.
    • Guidance on how to use specific features most effectively
    • Theme suggestions and feature requests to be considered for future version of Loft

    It does not include:

    • Integrations with third party apps
    • Bug fixes caused by third party integrations
    • Theme setup, theme updates, or theme installation
    • Theme tweaks or customizations

    Note: If you're looking for help customizing your theme, integrating with third party apps or theme update installations, we recommend the Shopify Experts listing, or a third party resource such as StoreTasker, or HeyCarson.

    For additional details on our support policy, please explore the topics below

    Theme support hours

    We respond to tickets between the hours of 8am and 4pm central standard time

    Response times

    We aim to respond to all tickets within 1-2 business days (but sometimes it may take a bit longer). Please avoid creating additional tickets for the same request.

    How much support do you provide for your Shopify theme? Is it all via email?

    Theme support is via email, using Zendesk. We do not use phone, chat, or traditional email because those methods of contact are not trackable. For individuals who are more D.I.Y., you also have the option to use our support documentation to solve problems on your own. Support documentation is updated regularly. We tag and track all tickets, and create articles based around our customers most frequent needs/requests. Our primary goal with support is to give every customer as much support as possible, as quickly as possible.

    I have an emergency and I need help today

    It is rare that we can get to a ticket immediately. When merchants ask for immediate help, we tag their ticket as Urgent and prioritize tickets as best as is possible from there, however, please note that most newer businesses are trying to make their e-commerce sites live by a deadline, and many are also hoping for immediate responses. Merchants are not notified by Zendesk when tickets are tagged as urgent.

    Ticket information

    If you have additional information that you'd like to share or need to inquire about the status of your ticket (but have already submitted your ticket), please reply to your confirmation email so that we can ensure that your answers will remain in the same spot. If, in your initial request, you did not provide your store URL, please send that now. We need this in order to diagnose your ticket.

    Customization requests

    If you're requesting small tweaks to Loft, we'll do our best to guide you on those and in some cases, we can perform the changes ourselves. For each theme purchase, we include a maximum of 30 minutes of light customization. We are not able to perform customizations that would alter the structure of your theme. If your customizations are large, please take a look at our customization guides to see if what you're looking for has been covered on our support site, here. If it has not, your best bet is to contact an independent Shopify expert such as StoreTasker. While we wish we could customize Loft for each and every merchant that purchases it, our primary focus is on addressing bugs, light customization, and general theme help.

    What do you consider Light Customization? 

    1. If the issue can be solved with a small code adjustment (copy/paste)
    2. If you have a design/code request which can be solved in 30 minutes or less
    3. Any requests involving your Shopify theme editor, and where to make those changes
    4. Any request which qualifies as theme support

    What qualifies as support?

    1. Any tutorial, or creation of tutorial, which will help a merchant solve an issue
    2. Addressing and fixing bugs
    3. Helping merchants to identify and use features which currently exist within Loft theme
    4. Taking feature requests
    5. Helping merchants deal with apps that have affected the theme
    6. Helping Web Designers locate code within Loft theme files
    7. Tickets which do not fall into the category of web development and design

    What qualifies as web development?

    1. Any list of tasks or changes which augment the structure or code of the theme (however we will do some small changes for merchants when time and staffing permit - so feel free to ask anyway)
    2. Branding development
    3. Logo / Image creation
    4. Creating/augmenting templates to accommodate new or different functionality
    5. Entering theme files to make large-scale changes
    6. Entering code to make structure changes

    What can I do while waiting for a response?

    While you're waiting on a response, feel free to take a look at our theme documentation for answers to common questions: Loft Support. We offer advanced tutorials for merchants who would like to make their own changes, many of which are cut and paste.

    I'd like to pay Trailblaze Media to be our web developer

    Trailblaze Media also has marketing services. Scroll to the bottom of our primary website to submit a request :) Please note, our services start at 10,000 and we typically cater to larger merchants who have high-volume sales / large inventory management needs.

    Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

    App and theme developers don't have the capability to issue refunds. As well, Shopify has a no-refund policy across the board for themes and apps. They are classified as "Downloadable, non-refundable goods". This information is available prior to any purchase in Terms of Service

    Who is Trailblaze Media?

    The team that built Loft is small and independent. We're real people, just like you! Please be patient with us while we work to diagnose your support ticket. Know that the success of your store is incredibly important to us. We're in this together! We appreciate your business.

    I've installed an app that has caused a problem with my theme

    Many times, we can contact the developer of the app which you are using to figure out which portions of the app aren't interacting well with Loft. In the best cases, we can replace a few lines of code which can help solve the error. On the other hand, there are some apps which we will not be able to make changes to, meaning you may have to finish your support process with your app developer, instead of your theme developer.

    Are theme updates included? For how long and how often?

    Theme updates are both regular and free. The Loft team tracks feature requests and bug reports, and includes these changes based on what will create the maximum benefit to both our theme users, as well as their customers. We outline our theme updates and bug fixes with each release, and will continue to improve our theme as long as it is in use by Shopify customers. Theme Release Documentation

    Does your support availability vary throughout the year or holiday season?

    Our support times do not change based on holidays. We're always around to help put fires out :)

    Who are the individuals behind the tickets

    More coming soon

    I don't understand any of this!

    That's ok :) Just submit a ticket, and we'll help you in as many ways as we are capable. For those which we are not, we will gladly direct you to the right place.